My Travelling Adventures | Bucharest 2013

First,I think I need to mention that I decided to write some of my posts in english because I saw that there are some people interested in what I’m writing and some of them are not from Romania. I think it’s a good idea for you guys to actually manage to read some of  my posts not just see some random pictures with writing you don’t understand.So just remember guys,I’m doing this for you.

Ok,so let’s start.In one of my old post I talked about ‘my summer adventure’ and some of you liked the hole idea of me writing about places I have visited and taking pictures…this is the reason I decided to begin a whole new series of posts called ‘My Travelling Adventures’.Here I’ll most talk about my travelling experiences obviously, about places that I have visited and liked or hated.

The first post from this series will be about my trip to Bucharest.If you don’t know what and where it is , Bucharest is the capital city of my country Romania.Bucharest it’s also called The Little Paris because it resemble the big and beautiful city that we all know , Paris.



So,if you met me you probably know that I live in the opposite side of the country in a city called Arad so it’s not actually at a stone’s throw to get there.The reason i went to Bucharest was to go to the Depeche Mode:Delta Machine Concert and I must say it was awesome.Seriously guys,if you like this sort of music you must go to a DM concert,it will blow your mind.It was just incredible,I can’t describe it.

When I arrived in Bucharest I had a little spare time before going to the concert ,so I decided to visit a little bit as I haven’t been to Bucharest in ages.

Imagine Herastrau Lake.


Of course,I had to go to Hard Rock Cafe too.I had such a great time,the people there were so nice and energetic and I had the best strawberry lemonade and cheesecake ever.



Then it was time for the concert.I had one of the most amazing 2 days of my life there.It was incredible in every way,the city,the food,the people and of course I got to see the amazing Depeche Mode live on stage.It was an awesome experience so I suggest you to go and see Bucharest if you haven’t already.It’s a beautiful city.



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