A Fringe Dilemma |Yay or nay?!

Imagine Imagine

First of all,I’m sorry for not having HD images on this post put I used my phone camera (I’m hoping you’ll still read even though the quality is not so good).

Moving on to the purpose of this post which is my hair,to be more exact my non-existant fringe(or bangs).I have no idea what to do,I wanna change something to my hair but I already chopped it off and I think I gonna get some bangs.A I can say that my head is not too big and not too small,it’s in the middle so it’s way easier to style it and stuff.A little while ago,I had a middle part hair that looked ok but it was too flat and I always had to tease the crown of it to stylish a little bit.So…I literally have no idea what to do?! I found a picture with a side fringe that I quite like.



What do you think? Should I stay the way I am now( remember,I actually part my hair to the side just because I like how it looks but it’s not very easy to style ) or should I get myself some bangs and aquit myself of the work?Tell me in the comments below what you think I should do.


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