Review:Thai Spa’s body butter

Hello everybody, this week I did some shopping and I have some things to share with you…but today’s post will sadly be just about my current favorite product that I bought which is a Body Butter,  to be more specific Thai Spa’s Avocado & Olive body butter.


I looove this body butter. It seriously does leave your skin silky smooth.Body butters are one of my absolutely must haves.I have very dry skin so I always have to use some sort of moisturizing cream and I always tend to go for body butters just because they are a little bit fatter and hydrate my skin much better.

This time, i tried to go for something that I have never used and surprisingly I liked it very much.It’s a sent that I haven’t tried it yet,so I saw it as a challenge.


I’m in love with the smell of this,it literally smells AMAZING and it also lasts up to 16 hours which is, again amazing :D.

I’m definitely gonna repurchase it,maybe I’ll try one with a different smell.I recommend it to everyone,even to those who have not dry skin.This product will be in my august favourites for sure.Are you a body butter lover or not?Tell me in the comments below which body butter is you favorite.


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