My Fall Makeup

Hello everybody,

Today I thought I need to share with you guys my fall makeup routine.This makeup can be worn by everybody whether you’re in high school,university or you just want a cute fall makeup so let’s get started.

First of all you’ll need to prime your eyes in order for the eyeshadow to stay in place all day.


Next I’m taking my Maybelline color tattoo and place that all over my leds as a base color.


Then I’m gonna take this taupe color and place that over my base color.


 Next I’m gonna take this dark shimmery brown and place that just a little bit into my crease.


 Then I’m going to take my gel eyeliner and do a small wing at the end(just so you know,I’m horrible at applying eyeliner).


If you want you can leave it like that,but I decided to do a wing to spice up the look a bit.Next I’m taking this matte dark brown and applying it just a little bit on my lower lash line.


Then it’s time for mascara.I’m using the maybelline the falsies mascara.You can be as messy you want with this,you can add a couple of coats or you can add,like me just one coat in order for the look to be more natural.


At last,I’m gonna be taking this cremee-white color and place it under my brow and also into the inner corner of my eyes as a highlight.


Products used:DM alverde eye base

Maybelline color tattoo in 35-On and on Bronze

Sleek au natural Palette in the colors Taupe and Conker

Million Pauline gel eyeliner

Sleek au natural Palette in the color Regal

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Sleek au natural Palette in the color Nougat.


And that’s the finished look.I hope you guys liked my fall makeup and tell me in the comments below if you would like me to do more of this makeup looks.



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