New Lipstick Obsession | Bourjois Color Boost

As I was walking through a drugstore, I came across this cute brand called Bourjois.I don’t own any Bourjois products but I heard a lot of good things about this brand and decided to try some of their products.I was immediatelly drawn by this cute lipstick/lipgloss …maybe because it has the most amazing orange color( Yeah,I know…I’m an orange lover haha).




Bourjois Color Boost in 03-Orange Punch


I absolutelly love this lipstick.It has a super pigmented shine.It doesn’t let your lips dry,in fact it’s almost like a balm,you could easily forget that you’re wearing it.It also lasts a long time,which is great.It’s perfect for every season and for every ocassion.I really recommend it to everyone,I really like it.


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