Makeup Look:Aria Montgomery(Pretty Little Liars)

Hello everybody,

A little while ago,I did a step-by-step makeup look and a lot of you guys enjoyed it and wanted to see more so I decided to do a Pretty Little Liars inspired makeup look.If you don’t know,Pretty Little Liars is a TV Show about a group of girls who get in A lot of trouble after their friend, Alison, is killed.

Today makeup look is going to be Aria Montgomery.So let’s get started:

First you’re gonna need to prime your eyes so that the eyeshadow stays in place all day.After that I’m gonna take a champagne color and place that all over my led.


Then,I’m going to take a light brown color and place that all over my led as a base.


Next I’m going to take a darker brown color(it doesn’t have to be very dark,just to be darker than the other brown) and smudge it into my lashline and a little bit into my led.


Then I’m gonna take a black eyeshadow and place that over the dark brown color.With a fluffy brush I’m going to blend,blend,blend.This part is very important to achieve Aria’s look.


Next I’m gonna take a black eyeliner and put it under my top eyelashline and blend it.I also put some of the black eyeshadow under my bottom waterline to balance the look more.


You also have to line your waterlines.Then it’s time for mascara.


Now it’s time for the lips.Aria always has a dark red lipstick,it’s not very dark cuz’ it look pretty natural so I’m taking this Astor lipstick.


And that’s the finished makeup.


I hope you liked this Pretty Little Liars inspired makeup look.I believe the next look will be Spencer’s.I really hope this helped you guys.


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