Makeup Look:Spencer Hastings(Pretty Little Liars)

Hello everybody,

I’m back with another makeup look.Today’s makeup look is going to be Spencer,obviously .Spencer’s makeup is very natural,it’s almost like she has none eyeshadow on her leds but I tried to recreate it but keep it as natural as Spencer’s.So let’s get started:

First you need to prime your eyes so that the eyeshadow stays in place all day.Then I’m gonna take this soft cremee color and place it all over my led and into my crease.


Then I’m gonna take a soft brown color and place that into my crease.


I also placed the brown color onto my lower lashline.Next I’m gonna take this brown-greyish color and line my top leds(Spencer definetely has some definition to her eyes but it’s not as harsh as a dark color).


Then I’m gonna take this eye pencil(is just a basic white) and line my bottom lashline.


Then you’ll just need to make your eyelashes POP with some mascara.I’m using the Rimmel London day 2 night mascara.


To finish off I’m going to take this pink lipstick.Spencer doesn’t have very dark lipstick on so I think a pinky color is the best for this look.


And tha’s the finished look.I hope you liked it and if you have any suggestion feel free to write them in a comment.



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