Makeup Look:Hanna Marin(Pretty Little Liars)

Hello everybody,

I’m back with another Pretty Little Liars inspired makeup look.As you probably see today’s look will be Hanna.I’m not gonna lie,I struggled with Hanna just because her makeup is very similar with Aria’s but is a bit neutral on the leds and darker on the eyelashes,but in the end I think it turned out ok.

So,to begin you’ll need to prime your eyes like always.Then I’m gonna take this Maybelline Color Tattoo in the color Bad to the Bronze which is absolutely my favourite cremee eyeshadow and it also stays in place all day.


Then,I’m gonna take this pinkish color and place that over the brown eyeshadow.


To define the crease a little bit,I’m gonna’ take this pinky-brown sparkly color and place that in my crease.You don’t have to be very precise cuz’ you don’t want your leds to overcome the eyelashes.


Now comes the fun part. I’m gonna be taking this eye pencil and line the top of my leds and then with a fluffy brush I’m gonna smudge it into my eyelashes.With this part you can get a little creative.You can make it as dark as you want but I decided to go with Hanna on this and make it dark but still cute and girly.


In order to soften the look I’m gonna take this light brown color and place that under my bottom lashes.This will give your eyelashes dimension but still keep the leds makeup  in the neutral part.


Then It’s time for mascara.Obviously the girls in the show have false eyelashes but I decided to go with mascara.If you want you can skip this part and go straight to the false eyelashes.


I’m using the Maybelline the Falses mascara and the Miss Sporty XX Long mascara in the color black.

To finish off I’m taking this lip butter from The Body Shop.Hanna definetely has some pink lipstick on but I have pretty red lips and I didn’t feel like I needed any kind of lipstick.If you want to have the exact Hanna look you can try a pink lipstick which is similar to the lip butter that I have.It works either way.


And that completes my Hanna Marin look.I hope you liked it and feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments below.



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