Makeup Look:Emily Fields(Pretty Little Liars)

Hello everybody,

Today’s makeup look will be the fourth part of my ”Pretty Little Liars inspired looks”.Today’s post will be Emily Fields.Emily’s look is similar to Spencer’s.They both have practical looks which can be worn for school too.Her makeup is very natural,almost like she hasn’t got any makeup on but the makeup that I recreated is simple and natural too.

So let’s begin:

First I’m gonna prime my eyes and then I’m gonna take my Sleek pallete and I’m gonna take this cappucciono color and place that over my leds.


For a deep eye look and to define my leds I’m gonna take this light brownish-grey color and place that into my crease.


To deepen the look even more and to make my eyes stand out I’m gonna take this black eye pencil and line my upper lashline.You will also need to smudge the eyeliner into your eyelashes.


Then you need to finish off with some mascara.I’m using Maybelline The Falsies mascara.


For the lips I chose a soft baby pink color just because Emily’s makeup is not at all focused on the lips,she actually doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick like the other girls but when she does it’s always a pink color that doesn’t stand out.I chose this Too Faced lip gloss that I got from Sephora.


And that’s it.I hope you liked this look.I know it isn’t to much but I had to work with what I had.I’m thinking of finishing this series with an Alison inspired look?!Tell me in the comment below what you think…


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