Bonus Makeup Look:Alison Dilaurentis(Pretty Little Liars)

Hello everybody,

Yesss,I decided to do Alison’s look too.I was very pleased to see that you liked this ‘makeup look’ series and decided to finish it with a bonus one,which is Alison Dilaurentis.Alison’s makeup is in a constant change,maybe because she appears only in flashbacks and she always wears a different lipstick or a different eye look so this was a challenge.I decide to do Alison’s most worn look whick is a soft smokey eye look with a baby pink lip gloss.

So let’s begin:

I’m sure that you already know this step, but it needs to be said…first you’re gonna prime your eyes so that the eyeshadow stays in place all day.

Then I’m taking this gold brownish color and place that all over my led and into my crease.This will act like a base for the entire eyelook.


Then I’m gonna be taking this gold color( the color in the middle) and place it over the color that I just used.


Then to make the eyeshadow more intense I’m gonna be taking this light gold color and place that over the brown.


Then it’s time to ‘smoke this look’.For that you’re gonna need a dark brown color and place that near the eyelashes, and a basic black color (it can be either an eyeshadow or a pencil eyeliner) and line your top eyelash line.Then with a fluffy brush you’re gonna smoke it towards the lashline.It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.


Then with the first color that I used, I’m gonna put it under my buttom eyelash line.


To make the eyes more awake I’m gonna take this quad (if you are wondering this is a miss sporty smoky eyes quad in 407 Luxury Smokey) and use the lightest shade in the intercorners of my eyes and under my brow bone.


The it’s time for mascara!

If you are not a big fan of mascaras you can definetely skip this step but if you want the exact look that Alison has you’re gonna need A lot of mascara,I’m using the Rimmel London Day2Night mascara.


And that’s it for the eyes.Moving on to lips….Alison always wears some kind of baby pink lip gloss.I have quite redish lips and I don’t usualy wear lipstick but a good idea is the Too Faced Emotionally Activated lipstick and lip gloss.It gives a nice shine to your lips without overreacting the whole look.


I actually saw Alison wearing different kind of lip glosses but the one color that she usually wears beside baby pink is a light red .It’s up to you which one you” choose.

And that’s it.You’re done.I hope you liked this bonus look.I really enjoyed doing this makeup looks for you.Tell me in the comments below if you liked it and if you think that I should do more .(of course you can come with a suggestion,I’m always open to new ideas).



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