Thank you

I know this is a weird post for me put I just had to say it.

Yesterday 9/12/2013 I hit 100 followers.I know that for the majority of you this is nothing because you probably have a lot more,but for me…is everything.I started this blog on 7/22/2013 just because I was bored and wanted to do something,I didn’t actually think that someone will read what I was saying.It was just to have something to work until school starts.I just want you to know that I’m very greatful that you took some of your time to read the things that I was saying and for that a have to say a big THANK YOU. At the end of this month I’ll have 2 month since I joined this ‘communtity’ and I just have to say that this were the best 2 months I had in a looong time.It’s all because of you.

I’m just sooo happy,again a massive thank you to everyone who follows me,even if you don’t  follow me .As I said in the past,I will continue to write as long as someone will read what I’m saying and I really really hope I managed to help some of you in a way or another.I love you all,Thank You very much!

This is a cute song that always make me happy,check it out if you want:


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