School started!


Today 9/16/2013 school started.I actually can not think of something good to say about that. Joking joking,I’m actually pretty excited for the new year.I mean,I’m stressed out cuz’ I have to do a lot of homework and study for tests and stuff but that’s the reason I’m in school,right?To learn new stuff that I’ll probably need in the future career.

I’m thinking…when I’ll probaby leave school I’ll realize I have nothing to do and every second spent doing nothing I’m wasting my life!!( jk I’ll be at university so I’ll have what to do but still…)


I was soooo lazy this summer,so lazy that I’m ashamed of me:)) and of course,the new year is a chance to redime myself.

I made a lot of plans for this year which are:

1.Focus more on school

2.Have fun with friends

3.Not fight over stupid things

4.Feel in love properly

5.And again…have lots of fun cuz’ that’s highschool, am I right?


You know how they say: ‘No matter how much you think you hate school,you’ll always miss it when you live’ so I’m planning to enjoy it as much as I can while I still can:)


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