School Makeup

Hello everybody!

I’ve missed you.I’m so sorry I wasn’t so ‘active’ lately but I’m  super busy these days that  I can’t even stay for one minute to drink a tea or read a cute book.:(

But I’m back!Today I decided to show you something similar to my makeup routine for school.I know some of you are still in school and I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking for a school makeup that’s gonna last ALL day and this is what I’m gonna do today.

To begin with I usually start by looking at my face in the mirror.If I have like a really spotty day I’ll go for some more cover up like a foundation or something more light like a BB cream.If not I’ll just use my coverstick to hide some blemishes and I also have to use a concealer because I’m not a morning person…and I tend to have under-eye circles.


The BB cream that I’m using is the Maybelline BB cream for oily skin and I must say this is pretty good for people like me who have very oily skin.The coverstick is the same one from Miss Sporty which was featured in some older posts but I just love it!And the concealer that I’m using is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and I must say this is A-mazing.

So, the next step is VERY important.You need to take a face powder,any face powder is ok.I decided to go with my favourite face powder from Rimmel.


After I finish with my skin I’m obviously priming my eyes because I need the eyeshadow to stay in place all day.For a good lasting I suggest you to go for some cremee eyeshadow that you know it  stays all day.


Again, I’m using my trustworthy Maybelline color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.I’m just gonna put that all over my leds.


As I said before, I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup to school,and if I’m wearing I’m going for something very natural.

A good trick that I use is this:I’m taking a white eyeliner and place that in my inner-corners to brighten my eyes cuz my eyes look very sleepy in the morning.

Then it’s time for mascara! This is obviously optional,but if you decide to wear mascara to school definetelly use a waterproof formula.


I’m using a Miss sporty mascara.


And this is how my eye makeup looks.I think it’s very natural and I just like my makeup like that.You can definetely put your own twist like use maybe a gel eyeliner or some darker color but that’s up to you.

For the lips I usually go for a balm,just a balm because I have pretty red lips and I don’t actually need any lipstick.


This is just a balm from Balea and the flavour is rasberry.I actually hate rasberries( yeeesss I’m one of those people ) but…this balm smells so great ,I just love it!.

If you want to give your lips a bit of color you can go for a neutral lipstick like I did.


This is just a brownish lipstick from Avon in the color Latte.It goes so well with the whole makeup so you should definetelly give it a try.

And that’s it guys.The makeup is complete.I hope you liked it and a really hope you’ll give it a try.You can tell me your opinions in the comments below.’Till the next time….BYEEEE!


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  1. I want maybelline color tattoo in the shade you have! 🙂 I have permanent taupe and after I saw bronze one I’m thinking about it all the time 😀

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