Hello everybody,

It is that TIME of the month….well not that time(the one you were thinking)…anyways it’s time for the september favourites!

I just can’t believe how fast this year is going…but I’m so excited!!!!It’s october already  and soon will be Christmas….I’m soooo excited,I love Christmas!!!

Anyway…Let’s move on!


I didn’t use a lot of new products this month and some of them were not so good and decided not to show them to you cuz’ this is a ‘favourites’ post…

First thing that I’ve been loving this month is this Avene creme-gel.It’s a great product if you have super oily skin like I do or if you have some kind of blemish or discoloration on your skin. It’s also good to use it on a daily basis.It’s a must have!


Next product is something that I heard A LOT about and this is the Rimmel Wake me up concealer.I had great expectations about this concealer and I must say…it’s awesome!

It has great coverage,it’s just the best concealer that I’ve used.


Next product is something that I haven’t use,it was my first try and I liked it very much.This is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.I love it cuz’ it actually lets my skin so matte and is also great for school.


The next thing I want to share with you is this Miss sporty bronzing powder.I’m not a big fan of bronzers but this is pretty good, I have to say.I also use the pinkish color for a blush because I don’t like blushers at all.


Next is thispallete from Sleek.I did an entire review of this pallete on a previous post so if you want to know more just click this:https://cori200398.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/sleek-au-natural-mineral-based-shadow-palette/.


Next is just a boring eye pencil but I feel I need to share this with you because a white eye pencil is always handy.


The next product is a waterproof mascara which was also featured in one of my previous posts.This Miss sporty mascara is very important if you go to school like I do.It does not smudge at all and is also cheap. A better alternative is the waterproof Maybelline The Rocket Mascara but I don’t have it at the moment.


The next product/products are a good alternative for the lipsticks.If you don’t want to put any lipstick on you should definetelly try this Miss sporty balm cuz’ it’s not just a balm…it has a bit of lipstick consistancy which is great.I also have been loving this Balea lip balm which smells like oranges and they remind me of Christmas(I know, I know…a lot of Christmas references but I just can’t help it!!!:)) )


On to the ‘non-makeup’ products…I absolutely love this Iphone case.It’s from David&Goliath and is sooooo cute! I bought this on my trip to England and since then I’ve been loving it so much.It’s just adorable,right?


And the last thing that I’m gonna be showing today is one of my favourite nail polishes for autumn…and that is the Rimmel London 330 Highland.I think last year I wore this over and over again in the autumn-winter seasons.And if you’re wondering what I’m curently wearing on my nails,they’re just black and white stripped nail patches.You can find this pretty much everywhere.A good alternative for the nail patches is to use a nail art brush but as I have very shaky hands and a really can’t draw a straight line( and if for some reason I manage to get the lines on my right hand I’ll probably make a mess on my left hand) I went with nail patches.


And that’s all guys.I hope you liked this post, feel free to live me a comment telling me what you thought about this post.I love you guys and I’ll see you later!Byeee!


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    1. I believe so,I’m not sure…but it surelly makes them less visible if not make them disappear.I have the rasberry too but I decided not to include it in this post…the smell is soooo gooood!

      1. Thank you for the answer. I’m just choosing between this cream from Avee and Uriage. And can’t decide, read 10000 review and watched 1000 faces:D

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