My Autumn Essencials

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to do something different which didn’t involve doing a lot of things so I decided to show you my autumn essencials; beauty and also fashion!

First of all,it’s lipstick!

I’m more of a neutral lip-girl but in the autumn I tend to get out of my comfort zone and spice up my looks using a barry or a red lipstick.


As you can see,I also have my favourite color of lipsticks which is orange,a color for all seasons!:))


Next are lipglosses.I love pink lipglosses especially on autumn and winter months.I just think they give you THE something in your look.


Because cold months are coming you should definetelly take care of your lips.In the cooler months my lips tend to get very dry so I have to keep the fresh and normal.

I really love lip balms, the smell, the taste,everything!


Another alternative for the common lipstick are lip balms with a tint of color.If I don’t have time or don’t feel wearing a lipstick I use a lip balm with some color,it’s very practical;it gives some color to your lips and also keep the hydrated.

Again,for autumn is best to use a dark color.


As for my eyeshadows I’ll have the normal brown-ish,neutral eyeshadows but I also use a little bit darker colors,like purple, grey,soft yellow in order for my eyes to look bigger,in contrast with my dark lips.


A must-have for me in autumn and also winter are JUMPERS.Cute and cozy jumpers that you can just throw on and feel warm!





So these are my essencials for the cold weather.I hope you enjoyed it and keep reading my post as I might post a new travelling adventure soon!Bye!

Products mentioned:

Lipsticks: miss sporty perfect color lipstick in 250 Cabaret

                 Avon lipstck in 2000 red

                 Astor lipstick in 506 Astor Paris

                 Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in ’26’

                 Maybelline Color Whisper in 440 Orange Attitude

Lip glosses: Avon smooth velvet lip color 

                    miss sporty XX volume lipgloss in 0049

                    Too Faced Mood Swing lip gloss in Petal Pink

                    s-he stylezone double  lip gloss 

Lip balms: 1000 kisses cherry lip balm

                   Balea Young balm in Lovely Raspberry

                  Nivea lip balm in Strawberry

                  Nivea lip balm in Velvet Rose

                  Sephora ‘Smily lips!’ lip balm

Balms +lipstick: miss sporty Dr balm Honey Moon Kiss SOS with Royal Jelly

                            Astor lipcolor butter in 016 Va Va Voum

Eyes: she stylezone eyeshadow quad(the purple one)

          miss sporty smoky eyes quad in 407 Luxury Smoky

          Maybelline colot tattoo in 35-On and on Bronze

           miss sporty smoky eye quad in 403 Brown Eyes(recomended)


               New Yorker

               Oxford shop in England




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  1. Very nice post! Would be helpful if you included swatches of lipsticks. they look very beautiful! Of course i can find swatches elsewhere as you included names of productS:) So thank you!

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