Halloween Makeup | Last minute

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to do something different…As I am a lazy person I’m always late on Halloween and have no idea what to be on Halloween , a simple dark makeup is always a good idea.


So this is just a simple makeup that will probably turn you into a crazy person…jk.This is a makeup that I personally think is ok for a last-minute halloween costume.You can wear this with basic black clothes and be a vampire or something,it’s up to you.

First you have to take some tape, normal scotch tape and place that exactly where your eyelashes end.Then I’m using a mat brown color and place that all over my lids.


For a better define look,you can do your eyebrows a dark-grayish color.

Then I’m taking the middle color and place that in my crease.This will give the eyes a deeper look.


Then I’m gonna be taking this brown eyeshadow and extend my eyes.I also put this color in my crease as well as under my eyes.You can be as messy as you want  with this look.


Then with a black shadow I’m going to make a small wing.This will also be the base for the gel eyeliner.


Then, you’ll take the tape off and you have a precise look.After that,I took my gel liner(I’m using a gel liner brush) and trace the black shadow.


You also have to put the gel liner under your eyes.The key to this is BLENDING.You have to blend everything and then it will look awesome.

After I was done I realised the makeup was still to boring and decided to spice things a bit.I took a q tip and with some water drew tears.You can also use fake blood for this.


And that’s the finished look.I hope you liked and I really hope I was helpful.Thank you for reading my post…BYE!


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  1. Simple and perfect for Halloween – thanks for the demo! Question: What was the purpose of the tape? I notice that there is make-up where the tape was, so I was just wondering if there was another purpose for it.

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