Halloween Makeup | Minnie Mouse

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to write another Halloween post,but this time I’ll be doing Minnie Mouse.


The makeup that I have come up with is pretty simple,you need just a few products and it doesn’t require any special makeup skills.So let’s get started!

First you need to prime your eyes, if you decide to wear this makeup on the Halloween night  we don’t want it to smudge or anything so PRIME you eyes.You’ll also need to put some tape just where your eyelashes end because it will give you a cool effect after the makeup is complete.

Then I’m gonna be taking this miss sporty quad and take the shimmery brown color and place that all over my lid and extend it in my crease.


Then I’m taking the dark brown color and place that into my crease with a fluffy brush.I also dragged the color into the middle of my lid.


Next,I’m taking my gel liner and make a wing.How you make a wing is simple but you need to practice a little bit before doing this.I’m extending the wing to make my eyes bigger like Minnie’s.


Now you can remove you tape and this is what it should look like.


See why the tape is so important?It gives a nice effect and is also handy if you have a shaky hand and can’t draw a straight line.


I paired my eyes with a pink-reddish lipstick and a pink lipgloss.I also drew a heart on my nose to make Minnie’s nose(yesss,I know Minnie’s nose is not a heart but I thought it will look cuter ).


As for the outfit you can chose a red dress with dots(not necceserely with dots, a simple red dress works too), gold shoes which can be heels or flats,gloves(optional) and some Minnie ears.

So this is my makeup look,I hope you liked it and if you did, tell me you opinion in the comments below.Thank you very much for reading my post.BYE!


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