October Favourites!

Hello everybody,

Another month has passed and it’s time…for my favourites for the month of October.So without further ado,let’s get started!


Makeup& Skin

This moth I’ve been loving this s-he stylezone quad.This is perfect if you have green eyes like myself,because this quad consists of purply-greysh colors which are perfect for everyday looks.


Next is my Yves Rocher pigment.This is a color that I’ve been craving for ,likeee ages and when I got my hands on this I was in Heaven.I absolutelly love this pigment to death ,it’s so perfect.It matches my eyes so good,it’s definetelly a must-have for me.

Next is my Yves Rocher precise eyeliner.I must say,I was not so good with eyeliners and wings…until I found this one.You don’t have to be a master of eyeliner to make a good wing with this one,it’s perfect for beginners and is also great if you have very oily eyelids like myself.I find it very hard to manage to find a long-lasting eyeliner because my oily lids always get in my way.But…this eyeliner is amazing,it really stays a very long time on.It’s great and I love it!


Next products are two of my favourite mascaras for this month,and this are The Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara( both in black).This are definetelly two of the best mascaras I have ever used.The Maybelline one is awesome for the lower lashes,it really makes them pop and the other one makes wonders on your upper lashes,also keeping them natural.



As for the skin,this month I’ve been using this Avon body spray.It smells absolutelly amazing,I just love it and I’ve been using it like crazy.I actually had to buy another one cuz’ I got through it so quickly.It smells like oranges and ginger,and you know how I feel about oranges,brings the Christmassy spirit in the house!


Very random stuffs

A random thing that I’ve been loving this month is this two little rings.They’re sooo cute.One says Love and the other one is a little heart and is just adorable.


Next are books…This month I’ve been reading a lot,but they were mosty boring school-related books,but one book/more like one series of books that I got my hand on was the C.J.Daugherty’s  Night School series.I actually borrowed the first book to one of my friends who forgot to give it back…Yes Mara,I’m talking about you!But anyways,this books are just amazing,I absolutelly loved them imediatelly.I liked expecially the second book which was Legacy because it was more romantic but it also had a mind-blown action.I recommend to all of you this books,I’m convinced you’re gonna enjoy them so,do read them.I just can’t wait for the next book,but I’m so sad that it will be published only next year.The waiting kills me!


One thing that I mentioned in a previous post was my love for cozy jumpers…and this one was my favourite this month.I liked it because it is sooo soft and also baggy,very good for layering.


One thing that I was excited for this month is going out with my best friend on a little trip…we also managed to get a little crazy…and this happened.


Another thing that I was excited for this month was Halloween and this cute cupcakes that I made with my best friend Silvia,they were so yummy!



I’ve been listening to a lot of songs this moth but I have to say…I kinda overreacted with the 1D-Story of my life…sorry,you got me!

Other song that I’ve been loving this month:

Foster The People-Pumped Up Kicks

The Vamps-Can we Dance

Ellie Goulding-Burn

Movie/Tv Series

Soo,can we please talk about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode?I actually watched it in my room,alone…in the dark and even better,after finishing that awesome episode I watched Ravenswood and I must say …it was freaking terrifying.What’s up with that scary lady?What does she want?


This is strange but I actually loved this photo that I put on Instagram of myself?!Is it weird?!


And that’s it guys, my favourites for this month!I hope you liked it and feel free to leave me comments with your opinions.Until next time…BYE!


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  1. Nice favorites! I wanted to buy such quad from she stylezone, I have one with blue, pink, yellow and I don’tremeberwhich color:) I leven have post with make-up. It’s cheap and nice quad!!

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