50 Facts About Me

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to do something a little bit different.I thing this post will be interesting to make and in this way you will know a a little bit about me.SO,let’s get to know each other a bit better!


1. I’m 5 feet 47 inches (that’s 1.67 cm)

2.My favourite color is Orange.

3. Even thought my grandfather died when I was little,I’ve never been to a funeral.

4.My favourite flowers are lilies.

5.When I really really like a song, like obsessed I would play it on repet over and over again until I don’t like it anymore.

6.I’m a very unorganised person.

7.When I was little I had curly blonde hair.

8. Lucky Charms are my all time favourite cereals but unfortunately we don’t have them in Romania.

9.I originally started my blog on other site which was not so popular,and then decided to join wordpress.

10.My all time favourite food is mashed potatoes,I eat them with everything.

11.My favourite place to relax is Egipt,I went there twice and I would still go if I had the chance.

12.My family is originally from France and is sooo big that I don’t actually know all of my relatives.

13.I desperately miss the ‘good-old cartoons’ that I grew up.

14.I always have difficulty in applying mascara on my lashes.I always seem to get it on my skin.

15.I used to have two turtles:one was called Tom and the other one was called Jerry( yes, like the cartoons).

16.I am completely useless at calling or texting back;if you do not insist I would probably leave you hangin’ because that’s just me.If you know me,I’m sorry for doing this.

17.I love animals,all kinds but I can’t bear watching them suffer.I get really emotional when talking about animals.

18.I don’t smoke,never did,and never will.This is something that I’m against on.

19.I was convinced by a friend of mine, when I was 13 to watch Marley&Me(the film with the dog),even though I didn’t want to watch it because I was sure I’d cry…and I did,A LOT!

20.I get very grumpy when I’m cold,you just can’t talk to me  cuz’ I’ll probably snap at you for no reason.

21.I had a really bad experience with fish,and since then I’ve never put my hands on fish again.

22.My favourite sweets are Pop Tards and Maltesers(again, not found in Romania)

23.I want to get married and live in a big house that I’m gonna design.

24.When I was little I used to play Sims with my cousin all the time.We were pretty addicted to it.

25.My least favourite food is fish( any kind) .

26.I’m scared of bees,spiders,wasps ,pretty much anything that flies or crawls.

27.I love hot chocolate,but I can’t seem to finish a proper cup of it.I always leave a little bit at the bottom.

28.I kept a secret diary from the age of 9 to 14,inspired from The Vampire Diaries.

29..I think I can live in comfy pajamas,I think they’re perfect for home.

30.I once wrote an entire fictional book about a girl who falls in love with a rich guy,but he was in love with a poor girl who didn’t love him back.I was inspired for this book by my mother ,she really likes to read this juicy-stuff.I think I still have it somewhere, but I’m not so sure.

31.I chew pencils, yes I’m one of that people;if you borrow me a pencil I would probably chew all of it in a few minutes…and never give it back.

32.When I go shopping,and I decide I don’t want a specific product anymore,I’ll hide it somewhere in the shop.

33.I drop things behind of other things if I don’t know where to put them.This is very wrong mostly because this way I lose a lot of things and also if I want to clean or rearrange my bedroom…it’s a mess.

34.I make a strange noises with my fingers.

35.When I’m walking along…and see a closing door I immediately see it as a challenge and try to get through it; and the feeling you get after you succeed…AMAZING!

36. I mumble and say ‘Nevermind’ if you don’t hear me.I’m sooo sorry,my grandmother hates me for doing this but I just can’t help it.

37.I put people on speaker phone if I don’t want to stop what I’m doing.Im sooo sorry

38.I have a dog,a beagle.Her name’s Bonny and she’s almost 3 years old.

39. Since I was in the 7th  grade I knew I wanted to be a doctor…but now I have second thoughts.

40.I have known my best friend Silvia since I was 6 and I love her very much and I really don’t know what I would do without her.

41.There are few people who know about this but since I was little I’ve been dealing with panic attacks.

42.I’m actually a very shy person at first,but after I start getting to  know you I start feeling confident.

43.I speak well 3 languages:Romanian, English and French but I also know a little bit of German, Spanish and Latin(if that counts)

44.I have always been passionate about beauty and makeup.

45.The city I currently live in is called Arad and this is also the town I was born and raised.

46.I’m in the 10th grade.

47.My birthday is on 20th of March.

48.I’m a pisces but I have aries ascendants.

49.I don’t have any brothers or sisters,but I have 2 cousins that I grew up with.

50…And finally possibly my worst habit ever: I TAP ! My colleagues hate me for this.

So I really hope you liked this post,if you did feel free to leave me some comments.Do you have some bad habits?Did you resemble to something that I said? BYE!!


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