Review| Loving the Yves Rocher Mascara „Sexy Pulp”

Hello everybody,

For some time I’ve been loving this mascara and decided to share it with you.



I must say,when I first opened this I was a little scheptical,I saw this massive packaging,this massive and thick brush…It actually scared me,to put in near my eyes.Once I had gotten over the sheer horror of the size of the brush head, I went to use it on my eyelashes and very surprisingly, had absolutely no problem using it to apply the mascara. The shape of the brush allows you to easily grab each lash with no difficulty what so ever. even if you have very small eyes,or big.

So what makes this mascara so amazing? The first thing I love about it, is the bristles. They are really dense, which means they literally grab every lash, which also means minimum clumping.I bought this mascara becayse it said ‘Sexy Pulp’ which means volume…and that’s what I was looking for! It really makes my eyelashes look thicker and curlier without being considered ‘false eyelashes’.



Here are some scary eye pictures of the mascara in use. I was wearing the black mascara in the images above and only had on 2 coats. If you were really mascara crazy, I think you could carry on with another few coats before it might start clumping. I would highly, highly recommend this mascara to anyone that wants length, volume and curl to their lashes.

What is your favourite mascara at the moment? Have you tried anything else from Yves Rocher?


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