Soft-Natural Makeup for School

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to do a makeup post because I realised I haven’t done one in a while,and I like to do them so…

This makeup is especially for girl(or boys,if you’re into it((:) who have school and can’t wear a lot of makeup and darker colors.This is a natural makeup with soft brown and pink color.So let’s start:

I began by taking this brownish-champaign color and place that all over my lids and into my crease.


Then,I took my Yves Rocher pink pigment and put that over the champagne color.This pigment is a great one for natural looks because it has a softer touch in comparison to other pinky colors.And it also has a little bit of sparkle in it.


Now this part is optional,but I decided to line my eyes with my Rimmel London Glam’Eyes liquid liner in black.Again,depending on your school,whether you like it or not,whether you’re allowed or not.


Then it’s time for mascara…be sure to use a waterproof mascara if you’re going to use this makeup at school.It’s very important,a waterproof mascara is best if you have oily skin or you have a long day at school.

So this is it.I hope you liked it, be sure to live me your thoughts in a comment.See ya’! BYEE!


3 gânduri despre &8222;Soft-Natural Makeup for School&8221;

    1. Sincera sa fiu,nu am multe multe produse de la Yves Rocher…pot sa iti spun ca pigmentii colorati sunt foarte buni si ce imi place mie foarte mult este tusul de ochi de la ei.O sa fie probabil intr-o alta postare,poate November Favourites.:)

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