10 Random Autumn/Winter Questions | TAG

Hello everybody,

How are you doin’?

Because of your wonderful comments and general opinion, I decided to do another tag post.I’ve seen this tag on youtube and decided to share it with you.So,basically this tag is 10 question;hence the title of this post,in no specific order,just random questions about fashion,lifestyle + one or two questions that are my own.

1.What item of clothing do you love to wear in winter but wouldn’t be seen wearing it in public?

This is actually a difficult question,for me…I must say I looove my pajama bottoms( there just soo soft;dark blue pajamas with cute mustaches all over) but I also don’t know what I would do without mu fluffy dressing gown.But still,to answear this question I think I’ll go with the dressing gown cuz’ I don’t image myself ever wearing it in public.

2. Most wanted item for autumn/winter?

This is easy.JUMPERS. Big fan of them,have a lot but never seem to have enough.

3. Favourite boots to wear in winter?

I’m not very pretentious when it comes to boots.As long as they’re water-proofed,and cozy and warm;it’s ok.But we all have that pair of boots that never gets used-up and never gets smaller…

4. Are you a fan of UGG boots?

No.Never liked UGGs, never will.

5. Its snowing/raining outside, what are your favourite wellies to wear?

In Romania is snowing,but not in my city and that makes me very sad:(.I love winter,I love snow and Christmas…I don’t actually wear wellies a lot,and I think I have just one pair at my grandmother’s house( shinny red ones) but never seem to get the time or mood to wear them.Sorry.

6. What is your favourite autumn trend?

I must say this is another easy question.I’m all about LAYERING.I love to wear layers and layers of clothes in winter.

7. Do you like or dislike that it’s starting to get dark?

To quote my english teacher:”I don’t mind and I don’t care”.Foreal;I do sometimes get pissed off because I can’t go everywhere I want cuz’ it’s dark like at 5 p.m. but in general I don’t mind.

8.What is your typical winter/autumn day consisting of?

Well,on school days I wake up and try not to fall asleep in class,and on weekends I usually sleep,sleep,drink cocoa,go out with friends,do my homework,sleep and sleep.Yesss,I’m a lazy person,don’t judge.

9.What’s your favourite color to wear on your lips in winter?

I don’t really have a favourite color…I sometimes go for a bold lip and sometimes I’ll stick to my natural lip color.One awesome lipstick that I recommend for fall/winter seasons is the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 107.

10.Christmas is coming, do you have any idea of what you want?

I don’t realy want anything material,just to be healthy,have a family that loves me and be happy.

But I am very very excited for Christmas and I can’t wake to decorate the tree and make Christmas cookies with my mom.

So,this is it.10 question.I hope you liked it and feel free to give me suggestions on future tags to do or so.BYEE!


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