November Favourites!

Hello everybody,

I can’t believe it’s already December…this year passed so fast! As always,I’m going to share with you my favourite of this month so let’s get to it:


Ok,so this month I’ve been trying something new for removing my makeup, the Iseree refreshing facial wipes and I must say I’m really happy for my purchase.This facial wipes are very very light,I must say this wipes are really good for my skin.I use the normal&combination skin facial wipes,as I have very very oily skin.They’re really good and I like them very much,I’ll definetelly re-purchase them.


The next product that I’ve been loving this month is this eye primer.This is the Alverde naturkosmetik eye primer,a primer that you may/ may not seen in some of my previous posts.Latelly,I’ve been rediscovering some of my ols products that somehow I stopped using.This is one of the few primers that works for me,as I have very oily lids.


Next it’s a pink pigment that I’ve been loving,the Yves Rocher pink pigment.This is amazing,stays in place ALL day.


Next product it’s a eyeliner.The Rimmel London Scandaleyes waterproof liner in the color 012 Bronze.I always go for the subtile look and this eyeliner gives a little dimension to my eyes without appearing dark.


If you’re not like me and want your eyes to appear bigger and darker, one suggestion is to use this eyeliner.The Rimmel London Glam’Eyes liquid eyeliner;I have to warn you,this requires a precise hand,but with practice I’m sure you can do it.Remember,everyone started with a shaky hand!


Next product,a mascara;Maybelline The Rocket Mascara.I don’t think I can describe this mascara in words(if you own it,you’ll understand what I’m talking about).


For lips,I couldn’t decide…so I decided to share with you my 3 favourite lipsticks.

The first one is a Maybelline lipstick( 240-Galactic Mauve).


Next,it’s actually a lipstick pencil,a red one with a tint of dark.It’s a darker lipstick(alverde 30-Red).


Next,probably my most-worn lipstick for a day look:The Rimmel Kate Moss in 103-cute pink color).


A must-have for me in the cold season is a lipbalm.My lips tend to get all chapped and dried in winter and recently I descovered an amazing lip balm that does wonders to my lips.


It smells like coconut and cream(I could eat it) and is sooo moisturizing…


This nail polish is awesome.It has the texture of rocky stuff and its blue with black and green sparkles; it looks great on both long and short nails(Rimmel-space dust in 005 TOTAL ECLIPSE)


Onto the random stuff that I’ve been loving this month:


I know,I know…I’m kinda obsessed with jumpers.They’re just great for winter,they’re cozy and soft.This is the one that I’ve been loving this month;it’s just a baggy jumper that keeps me warm but unfortunatelly I have no idea where I got it from:(



This month I’ve been reading a lot,but these 2 books were my favourite;John Green-Looking for Alaska & John Greene-The fault in our stars


Both books were amazing,John Greene is amazing,but The Fault in our Stars really got to me.I cried a lot,and this book really made me think about a lot of stuff.If you have not read it,I suggest it with much love,you’ll definetelly like it.

Another thing that I’m really excited for is Chrismas.In my city I can already feel the Christmas spirit,and I’m loving it!




This month I actually have a quote that I really like and thought you wanted to hear it too:”…So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk,thinking that if people were rain,I was drizzle and she was a hurricane”-Looking for Alaska.

Excited for:SNOW 

I just can’t wait for all to be white and to hear Christmas songs and all that



As I was saying,beeing excited for Christmas got me in the mood to hear some Christmas songs:

Also this month I’ve been loving OneRepublic-Counting Stars:

So to end this post,I want to thank you all for beeing so supportive and reading my posts,and writing comments and all.Lots of hugs>:D<.

Also this year I decided to do something special on Instagram if you want to check it out:I decided to post a Christmas related picture(not all of the pictures are Christmas related but I’ll try my best) EVERY SINGLE DAY until Christmas Eve.I decide to call it Instamas(like in Instagram+Christmas).I don’t know if this was done before,I don’t recall of it,but anyways if you wanna take a look,that will make me very happy.Until next time,Bye!!


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