10 more Facts about ME

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day.

To celebrate this moment I had an amazing idea for a blog post which,if you know me, couldn’t happen as I am the MASTER of procrastination.Even though,I couldn’t just leave you guys and I thought what better time for you to know me even better then the Christmas Time(yeah,I know I’m lame)

Sooo,enjoy this horrible 10 things that you did not know about me and hopefully you will finally realise what bad influence I am:

1.I love winter and my favourite month is December.

2.I am a festive person .Don’t get me wrong, I am not the super obsessive person who sees christmas everywhere and I am not a Grinch either,I consider myself to be somewhere in the middle.

3.I sometimes have psycho thoughts(don’t get me wrong not that kind of thoughts that involve murder and that stuff just times when you have thoughts involving your friends and famiy having a horibble death or sometimes realise that you have the power to kill…)wierdooo!Before you call the police please let me explain: for example when you start to dream and the thought comes into your mind ‘‘what would happen if I’m in a plane and it  suddenly crash?’’ or ‘’what would happen if my friend will explode in million pieces?’’ I can’t be the only one,right?

4.Even thought I love Christmas,I think this season is a big big conspiracy that will result in us,having a major break-down.

5.I find a tremendous joy in doing NOTHING.

6.I do everything in the last few minutes,even if it’s a major problem that needs immediate attendance.

7.I am a master of procrastination and I could probably write an entire book about this.

8.I am awful at cooking.I just can’t do it,I’m terrible.

9.I find great pleasure in reading.I enjoy it very much.Since I was little I liked to read and escape into the book and relive the adventures.

10.From all cartoon characters I identify most with Spongebob Squarepants mainly because I’m hyperactive like him( when I’m in a contest where I actually can win something,I’m craazzzy;unfortunatelly I usually don’t win anything:( )

So I hope you ‘liked’ my facts.Again,if this did not convince you that I’m a horrible person and you still want  to befriends with me then you seriously have a problem(kidding,kidding).Hopefully my next or next next post will be better,sorry if this didn’t satisfy you.Until next time,BYEEE!


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