New Year’s Eve Look #1

Hello everybody

How are you?I haven’t been doing makeup posts lately so,in order to please everyone I decided to come up with some NYE looks.This looks will be different and I’ll try my best to do so you can actually wear them if you want on your night,in addition I’ll use different colors some brighter than the others and vice versa.Today’s look will be a combination of gold and black,I should warn you:all of this looks need a lot of blending!

Let’s start:


Take a yellowy color and place it on your lid,also take it under your brow bone.This color will be the base for your golden eye.


Then take a matte black eyeshadow(you can also use a black eyepencil but you have to blend it really well).Make a V shape on your lid with the black and also put it in the crease and blend.


I didn’t like the intensity of the black so I top it of with a sparkly black.Also put this on half of  your lower lashline.


This part is very important.Take a god eyeliner,I’m using the Rimmel London eyeliner pencil in 011 Golden and place it on the other half of your lower lashline and also on top of the yellowy base.It depends of your taste,whether you like it softer or you want the colors to be more intense.


Then it’s time to line your upper eyelash line with a liquid or gel liner.I decide to use this gel eyeliner with a angled brush.By lining your eye,your ayes will pop and also if you’re planning to use false eyelashes you’ll have the basic line to guide on.

Finish off with some mascara and you’re ready to rock the party with a simple and also cute eye makeup.

This is it guys for today,I hope you like my look and be sure to inform and send me pictures if you decide to use this look( instagram:corinachambre20 )BYEE!


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