New Year’s Eve Look #2

Hi guys,

I’m back with the second part of my New Year’s Eve look.Do you have eyeshadow colors that you bought put have no idea what to do with them?I have.I really wanted to do an eyeshadow look with some colors that I don’t normally use like blues,greens,etc.I decided that for this look,I’m gonna use blues just because I don’t use them and I really wanted to give it a shot.

So first you need to prime your eyes.Then I’m taking this nude beige color and place that all over my lid as well as under the brow bone.


Then I’m gonna be using a combination between to types of blues.


I’m gonna place that over the first color but only on the eyelid.Also place this shadow under your lower lashline(When you put this eyeshadow on you might get it over your face,do not worry you can fix it my socking a q-tip in a clenser)


Then I’m taking a matte black shadow and put it into my crease just like I did in the other NYE look.I also did a wing with my gel liner.


When I’m making a wing with my gel eyeliner I always like to put my liquid eyeliner on just to keep everything in place without smudging.I’m using the liquid eyeliner that I got from Primark and I must say,I’m really surprised.It’s really good.


Finish off with some mascara and if you want you can also add false eyelashes.Line your waterline with a black liner for more intensity and you’re done.This look is pretty similar to the other one,you can of course chose other colors for this put the technique is basically the same.Good luck in making your dream look.BYYE!


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