New Year’s Resolution | Fail

Hi guys,

Let’s have a chat…So,New Year’s Resolution(ohh god,I have no idea how to start this).As you might know,I’m a rather miserable person and I tend to do nothing…all the time.


Every single year, I find the power in my soul to make New Year’s resolutions,which for course get ”mysteriously ” postponed until the next year.Yeahh,I know,I suck!Please don’t judge me,I can assure you I am not the only one ,or am I ?!

It’s sad actually.Every year I try and have this battle in my brain weather to stop being lazy and start doing something productive or stay and do nothing.Usually is the second choice.


Besides stopping being lazy,I always tell myself that in the future year I’ll start working out more and eat healthier,but I somehow constantly fail miserably.


I don’t know if you understand me,but this buisness is serious,foreal.I really need to do this things.Some might say ‘you’re fine,you don’t need to exercise’,but it’s not.I am not a fat person,but I am not skinny either.And it’s not about the appearance I’m worried about,it’s the constant tiredness and incapability that my body it’s put through.

I think this year the only exercise that I did was reaching to my left to get food.It’s actually funny if you think about…somewhere in February or March some of my colleagues decided to go to gym and I was like ”Hell yeahh,I’m coming too.It’s part of my New Year’s resolutions to get fit”.Yeahh it did not happen after all.I need to get fit,expecially because I don’t really know how much my body could take it like this.I know I don’t need to exercise like,a lot,because I’m not running in a marathon but I can’t constantly taste blood every time I walk a pair of stairs.


Another thing that I say to myself every year is to stop eating chocolate(yeahh,like this would happen).But I must say,I have to give a round of applause to all the people that stick with their resolutions throw out the year.People who stopped eating chocolate,I salute you!

In other ways,if you’re like me then I feel your pain bro!But seriously I need to do this;go running,join a gym or something.I can’t keep literally eject my lungs every single time I have to catch a train or a bus.

How do you feel about that ‘New Year,New You’ crap?Are you for or against?Tell me,I really want to know.

It is said though,with a new year comes a new part of you that you are yet to discover.But is it really necessary to shove it in our face every year?


I hope you liked this post about my miserable life.I really really would like to know if you like or not this kind of posts.I think sometimes you just need to keep it goin’ and for that you need diversity.I don’t know if you like it or not,me talking about my life and giving you advices or not?!I hope you do.And if you do,don’t hesitate to leave me a comment to inform me and I’ll sure make more of this kind of post.I should mention that if you like them,I’ll try my best to make more but I will obviously be doing also the old makeup post that you like.I’ll just alternate this categories.

Ok guys,this is it.My last post of this year.I hope you enjoyed it.Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!BYEEE!


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