What to do when boredom hits you like a sack of potatoes

‘Hey Corey,why don’t you make a new post?!!’

‘Yeahh,suureeee.’But seriously now…

Hi guys,How are you?

It’s winter break…well,at least for me is.I always enjoy doing nothing,even if it’s just for one week.Time for sleep,I’m first around.

But one problem I always seem to have is dying…of boredom,of course.As I encountered this problem a lot lately I decided to come up with a list of things you can do when your bored:

1.EAT!Best thing ever…but there is always the posibility of having no food because you’ve already eaten it,not to worry.

2.When you’re tired,sleep.Then,when you are tired of sleeping repeat this process if that makes sense?!

3.Read,always a good idea.Eventually you’ll get tired and you will…guess what?sleep more.

4.Browse the internet.

5.If you have no food,make some, like a cake or something(be safe,we don’t want any kitchens on fire,don’t we?)

6.Do something interractive like painting your walls,drawing etc.

7.It’s always good to go on a walk…well maybe not all the time,especially when it rains.UUps!

8.Play games like ‘The floor is lava’ or Twister.

9.Socialize(talking with your teddy bear doesn’t count)

10.Do something totally unexpected that will change your life,like making a youtube or a blog.

11.Eat more until you’re full.

12.Talking with friends(if you have any-an alternative option is having a sleep-over with your stuffed animals)

13.Take selfies-boredom level100000

14.Reenact Vines,it’s a good idea but it would probably make you look stupid so..don’t do it.

15.Watch a movie/video

16.Go in a corner,try not to cry,cry a lot.

17.Body role away from your responsibilities.

18.Go outside and do some exercises(Who am I kidding?!You’re not gonna do that,I wouldn’t)

19.Take a bath in your own filthiness.

20.And finally if you’re done with scrolling on Tumblr ,reading all Harry Potter books and watching stupid things online there is just one thing you can do-screw everybody and SLEEP!


Hope this was helpfull(not really).Byeee!


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