Review:Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to do a review.I feel like I haven’t done one in ages and I decided to share with you my ”experience” with one of the Too Faced palette.This palette has pigments that work best with green and blue eyes.


It has 9 colors and it’s very specific.With the palette also come 3 How-to-do cards.All the colors are very pretty and pigmented.


So,the first look that can be achieved with this palette is called Day.There are 3 colors:Soulmates,I do and Un-veil.


This cards are pretty self-explanatory but look at these gorgeous colors:




The next ‘set’ is called Classic and the colors are called Kiss the Bride and its’ a splendid matte baby pink color, Cut the Cake and First Dance.The classic look its my favourite,you can do so much with these 3 colors;you don’t have to respect the card,you can let your imagination flow.





The last look is called Fashion.Well,this look is more on the glam part.This look is suited for a night out or a party.It can be worn in the day but it can be overwhelming.The last 3 colors are called Bouquet Toss, this is a white-beige subtle color, Honeymoon and Ever After.As I said,this look is amazing to be worn at night.





And this is it guys.I am in love with this palette,you can do so much with it.It really was worthy.I know I haven’t been posting a lot of beauty related post and I went on the other side with random stuff from my life but I really hope you like it.I will,of course be posting more beauty related articles but I hope you like the other ones too.Any way,until next time BYYEE!


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  1. The sole reason for religiously reading this through is to grasp the grass concepts of this field so that I can scrupulously respond to that unavoidable question „How do I look?”

      1. Oh That”s not a question to you. It”s just a statement that describes a question I am faced with everyday! 🙂

      2. Well,technically it is a question.Anyway,again,I am not the person to ask.Everyone is beautiful in their own way,and if the like or repeal themselves it’s their business.Everyone found/will find the person who thinks they’re good looking,we just have to find her/him.

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