Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hello everybody,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what better way to celebrate it than spicing with this cute pink makeup look

First,I took one of my favourite pink bases,this one is from Maybelline and place that on my lid.To intensify the look,I took a sparkly pink pigment and place that over the pink base.


Also I took a scotch tape and placed it diagonally right were my lower lashes end.Then,I took a matte grey shadow(this one is from my Too Faced palette)and place that in the inter corner,dragging it to the center of my lid.


This is where the tape does its part.Take a purple shadow and line the other half of your lid,also I made a wing because I liked the contrast between the colors.Take your time,do not overdo it.It takes time.


Now,you can either leave it like that or take a liquid eyeliner like I did and line you upper lashline.Take the tape off and you are left with this:


This is it.I hope you liked it.Be sure to leave me your comments on this look and if you want to recreate it,be sure to send me your pictures of the look.

Links below:

My Too Faced Review:


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