Hello everybody,

I don’t have to go to school for a whole week.YEEEY!

Anyway,this can only mean 3 things:

1.I don’t have to do anything

2.I can sit all day and enjoy it.Meanwhile others have to strugle to actually do something.

3.I can sit around and do more posts for you.

Well,don’t judge me.At least there’s one good thing in there.

And you know what break means,right?I chance to do nothing without being yelled out for not doing anything.Obviously,I have stuff to do,like homework and all.At this stage,my level 1000 of procrastination kicks in(Upssss).

Some of you may be in the same situation,yeah you think you’re pretty procrastinating?As you  may know(or not) I wrote the book about procrastination.


Enjoy my obviously,not great editing skills.

There are some things that I do when trying to get something done properly…

First,I try to stay in bed as much as I can.I even try to give my alarm ”inspirational” mini-quotes to  wake up,but I guess some things can’t be changed.


Then,of course it’s time for food.Now,in this point I always tell myself to eat healthy like fruit or eggs.But in the end,I always go back to cereals:D.

Now it is time ‘to study’.I open my book and I realise I’m still hungry,of course I have to get back to the kitchen and make some toast and drink a glass of OJ.And milk.There’s no milk?I must go to the shop and buy some.

Then,I somehow end up with the book in my hand again…but I really have to go and take a shower.After 3 hours of meditation by the shower,my brain is telling me that I really need to study.But I’m hungry again.Better make some food.

Then,I realise my room is dirty.Better clean it.After my clothes are all in the cupboard I gotta drink some water,just to keep me hydrated.

At this point,I’ll probably see my laptop and I can’t start studying until I change my Tumblr theme slightly,and until I see most of the new post.After that,I somehow end up with my phone in my hands playing Candy Crush.Also,as I am such a wonderful grandchild,I call my grandmas and chat a bit,just to keep me busy.

Then,I get my snack and I see it:


A wonky pictureee!This is not good.

Obviously I try as hard as I can not to study,and I usually succeed.Thank God for my visual memory.If it weren’t so good,I would probably be in a dumpster by now.

At the end of the day I look like this:


Do you relate with this?If yes,leave me your comments.As I said before,this post is in no way helpful towards you.This is exactly what you shouldn’t do if you want to be productive.Byye!


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