Arhivele lunare: martie 2014



Ok,first of all,I’m extremely sorry for not posting-it’s actually pretty hilarious how my last post was ‘How to procrastinate’ and this is exactly what I did:))

Sorry,sorry,sorry again.

So,as I was a little absent these days/month ,wanna hear an uptade?(even if you don’t I’m gonna do one :D)

For the last month I’ve done nothing productive at all(yeahh,I’m totally sh*t-don’t rub this in my face).I’ve been minding my business,you know,going to school,doing nothing productive,eating,sleeping-basic stuff.

This is how basically my life is:


But wait,something happened this past month….The Oscars-yeah,I live in Romania so The Oscars were actually at 3-4 am in this country.I didn’t want to wake up obviously-you know Oscars..not that big of a deal(yeah Corey it actually is).But I know what happened.YEEY

So this was like one of the most epic things ever:


I just love Ellen.She’s great.

Sorry Leo for not winning an Oscar,you’re great anyway.


Nothing else.Just wanted you to know that I’m still alive and well.