Exam season


I’m exhausted,like really exhausted. It’s that time of the semester again when I have to take some horrible exams that make my life a living hell. Tomorrow is one of those days-Latin.Oh God,why?! Imagine   I don’t know what it’s worst,the fact that I’m looking like a living zombie or the fact that…,oh well,who am I kidding?There’s nothing worst than looking like a zombie.I’m done,done for real:)). Let’s try and reflect a bit about this time: First,there are two possibilities.One that the teacher will we organised and give us grades and test throughout the whole year and when you are facing with the final exam you’ll know almost everything;or the other one which I’m almost 100% sure that it’s actually the real one…we do nothing/almost nothing the whole year and in the last few weeks everyone is going insane to give us grades and blah blah blah… Why the hell go to school if you do not do anything?They can just call us on the final exam,in my opinion if they do nothing. There are also,some people that just want to watch the world burn!Like for real…I know some specimens that are completely and utterly stupid,sorry but it’s the truth.Don’t think you’re smart just because you learn something by heart,just don’t.I hate braggers.Stop it unless you want to get hit the the face! And lastly,there’s the feeling you get when you get through with it.Ahhh,so good.The feeling of relief washing throw your whole body.And eventually there’s the after-math. You think you did good,but honey let me tell you something.It’s called highschool,you should not do good and you won’t.Get real. How I feel when I see my grade: Imagine I’m out,I’ll go and murder someone!Kidding,I should learn…Neahhhh,I’m gonna take a nap:D BYEE!


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