Arhivele lunare: iulie 2014

Lols.Yeah,I’m lol-ing right now.Wanna know why?

Nevertheless,even if you do not want to know,I’m gonna tell you.

I came to realise,ONLY TODAY,how much of an awkward person I am.Not necessarily in a good or bad way,just somewhere in between(actually in a bad way but I don’t really want you to change your perspective of how you see me,as in actually see me in a normal kind of way-which obviously I’m not).

As a f*cking awkward person that I am I tend to do a lot of stupid things…sometimes I get away with it,but sometimes the inevitable produces and someone sees me which eventually end in that person being really creeped out…

The other day for exemple I was walking on the street with a group of friends and ypu know those times when you are walking in a way and someone in front of you comes right at you because they’re going on the same street?I hope you got what I’m mean…anyways,I was actually in the back of the group looking at my feet while walking,a friend next to me.So when the group started to walk a little bit on the left,to give space to that person,I found myself the only one going straight forward.We collided-me and the strangers and of course,when I wanted to go we colided again.At this point,a normal person would just laugh and move away but there was me.The awkward person that I am,with my stupid mouth.I looked at the dude(it was a dude yeah) and said:Sorry,I’m f*cking retarded,don’t mind me’and made a goofy face.FACEPALM!


My friends laughed while the dude was f*cking creeped out and looked horirfied and then I put a smile on my face and walked away like nothing had happened.

Another horrible experience was when I was with one of my friends,on spring break in another city.I’ll call my friend C. even though that is not her initial or that sort.Anyways,we were kinda in a hurry because we had a train at 3 o’clock pm to go back home since we were in the city like from 7 am and it was already 2 pm and it was like a 30 minutes drive till the train station.My friend made me go into a supermarket just for her to buy a bottle of Pepsi and some snack.I already ate so I was not hungry at all.While we were at a cue,waiting for her to pay I decided it was a good idea to look around.Obviously,the condoms were there to,as in there were exactly in front of me.I looked at the price just because they were cheeper-9 lei(romanian monede) while in the city where I live they were 12 lei.So inspired me,I got down to C to whisper her about this and said:Look,here the condoms are just 9…

And she made a shocked face as everyone from the line looked at us.Apparently,I did not whisper her anything,and everyone could hear what I was rambling about.

One of teh guys in the line started to laugh and said:Good,that’s good.

I was like,tomato red and also amused by my stupidity.After C payed we started to laugh,because being in a cue stopped us from bursting into fits of laughter.Until we got home we laughed about this and eventually we came to the conclusion that I am a stupid human being for doing that.It wasn’t intentionally,it was just random and in my defence I THOUGHT I WAS WHISPERING!

So these are 2 of my awkward moment.I hope you are not to creeped out about me,but I’m guessing you’re not since you are still reading my stuff.If I made you laugh in any way or did good to you,leave me a comment or something about your awkward moments just to make me feel better for being how I am.