Arhivele lunare: august 2014

Why do we write?

Why do we write?What is the sole purpose of writing?

We write to tell a story,right?To express ourselves when we can’t talk.But also,as a person who definetelly prefers to say something on paper,I know that when we write,we tell a story-our story.Even though is sad,or funny…it is our own.It is something that is entirely ours to write,re-write,correct.

And it can be difficult sometimes.I mean it.You may have a bad day and you have a so-called ”writer’s block” and it sucks.But eventually,you get through that phase and it gets better.

Recently,I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet about careeres and stuff because I sincerelly have no clue what I’m gonna do with my life and yeah,somewhere between reading about the common psychopats and finding a suitable job…I found the common tests that can determine what you’re good for.

Don’t get me wrong,I don’t think this tests are accurate because I know I am the only one that can say what I can and can’t do but I said I should give it a try.

You know what I got?A writer.

I don’t know what to say about that…I mean,yeah I like to write and express myself through words but I don’t consider myself to be a writer.I just don’t.

Nevertheless…I do love to write so there is an issue here.

Maybe I can be a writer?!I don’t know.I really don’t.

It’s hard to say this but I am a person that tends to dwell on the past…and I know that some writers of the best writers have done that but I don’t think it’s neccessarily  a good thing.On the contrary,it is kinda bad.You should never live in the past because then…there can be no present or future.You’re just stuck.Stuck in an infinite of bad memories that are constantly there,in your head.

I don’t know really what this post is about,I just had the urge to write smething.I don’t knos.I’m gonna go now.Bye!



Mumble-I do it

Yeahh…so,through-out the relationship I think I have with my readers,that means you,I can pretty much tell you anything,right?

So,this is probably another case in which I tell you something incredibelly dumb or awkward that I do on a daily basis ,in the hope that you can relate and don’t consider I should visit a mental instituyion.

A couple of months ago…I think at the beginning of this blog,I made a post called :50 facts about me and one of the particular things that a specifically said in that post was the fact that I MUMBLE.A lot.Like really…big time.

No joke.

So  probably by now you’re wondering what the crap am I talking about.I’m talking about a list of reasons that I’m a terrible human being.In that specific post I talked about random things such as beauty and stuff but I also said some pretty bad things I do,such as Tapping.Yeah,I’m one of those people,I tap.

But this post is in no way about tapping,seriously…even though I could talk about that for ages,not in this post.Of course,if you want to know about that too,leave a comment and say it and I’ll try to do it for you.

Moving on,this post is about mumbling.

So,usually it is very random and if you probably are my friend,you got used to it even though it probably drives you insane.But..if you don’t know me and you’re like..trying to start a conversation with me and I accidentally can make my tongue to function properly…you probably would think I’m retarded.

You know those times when you don’t understand what a person tells you when you’re having a conversation and you make them repet it to you an if you don’t understand it and everything is awkward?Yeahh…try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who was said to repet what she/he was saying 2-3 times.It’s awkward.Yeah,I’m one of those people and let me tell you how bad I feel about it.

It’s like my body id trolling me constantly and decides to make fun of me by making me not be able to speak properly.

I hate my body.


To tell you,public places,any kind really,are my nemesis because if I mumble,I say something extremelly low or not understandable.






It’s annoying.But what’s there to do?Nothing.I gotta live with it so even though my grandmother probbaly f*cking hates me for mumbling,I can’t do shit.

Do you struggle with something like this?Do you relate?Please leave me your comments.

Love you lots,byeeee!

Thank you!

I’ve been on WordPress for 1 year!One frecking year!That’s much…for me(maybe because I’m useless at keeping on doing stuff).
I don’t know how to feel.I’m thankful to all of you for liking and following me and stuff.
It makes my heart race to know that some people actually like and relate to my stuff.
In the near future,I promise I’ll try and write more.I have a very busy schedule this summer but I promise,with every chance I get,I’ll try to write.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading the things I do.I don’t know if they make you laugh or cry but I know that there is something there because if not,you wouldn’t read.

Thank you again for everything!I love you all>:D<!
*Internet hug*