Arhivele lunare: septembrie 2014

Am I the only one?

I’ve been seeing A LOT of ‘Am I the only one that does that?”videos and post so,why not?

I don’t actually have anything else…so bare with me?Maybe.Okay not.:(

1.Am I the only one that watches Mr.Bean when is feeling down?Like..I’m having a really bad day and I get home exhausted and sad and if I see Mr. Bean on TV or Online,my mood instantly changes?Right?Please tell me I’m not the only one…


I mean..seriously…this face is absolutelly priceless.How can you not laugh at this???Seriously…

2.Actually,I don’t do this on a daily basis but when I do it…let’s say it’s great:)).I sometimes sing…in the shower.Yeah yeah yeah,I know…a lot of people do this!I got it!Don’t rub it in my face…but let me tell you.I don’t just ”sing in the shower”,I f*cking rehearse for the X factor


3.I eat cereals…sometimes in a really unhealthy way.Like with a pile of sugar on it.Yeahh…


And usually I eat them around 12 pm or later in the night.I know,I know!Very unhealthy.

4.This is pretty random…but I do it.So,when you’re at a friends house and you say:’You should see this movie’.Obviously you’ve already seen it but you decide to watch it with your friend and end up staring at them from time to time(throughout all the movie)just to make sure your friend enjoys it.

5.Am I the only person that doesn’t know how to play chess?Like really,I don’t.And no matter how many times my friends and family tried to teach me..I still couldn’t understand this game.


6.Well…I have this weird thing that I do.When I’m trying to do something in the house like cleaning or cooking(this usually happens when I’m home alone) I open youtube and listen to CreepyPastas while doing the stuff that I need to do.Like,I play it in the background.I know this is weird because I usually tend to get really scared but I don’t know..I just like to listen to this stuff.

7.Speaking of scary things…I love watching horror movies.A few years back,I literally hated all scary related movies because they scared the s.hit out of me but I like them.But the thing is..I still get s.hit scared.OMG,I’m really the worst at this!But I still watch them…and eventually I don’t sleep for several night because of the traumatising experiences.


8.Another thing:I love being scared.Like I know this is weird and the majority of people actually dislike being scared but I love it.When someone tries to scare me,it’s very fun for me.The downfall…I don’t get scared easily so it’s a small chance to actually get me scared:(

9.I’m a Disney kid.Since I was little,I loved to watch disney movies and listen to those songs and all.I’m a disney freak,for short.I know a lot of songs and lines from disney movies.I have an entire playlist on my laptop dedicated to disney and this is another thing that I sometimes play in the background.Disney Songs!


The truth is…I do a lot of weird things and these are just a few of them…the more ”normal ones”.Anyways,I hope you enjoyed this post.Be sure to leave a like and comment below if you do this things and what other weird/interesting things you do.Byeee!