Typing problem

I’m sorry.

It’s been like…6..7  maybe months?Yeah, that’s about right.I’m sorry.

Truth be told, i forgot my password but I’m back now.

So beside my endless amount of laziness, i’m back.But I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again, I have exams coming up,i hope i will soon anyways.

So, I’ve been thinking….what on earth should i post now? Like i seriously have no idea so I’ decided to look at some of my previous post to like get something hahaha.

And when I did that( bad idea) i realised I have a few spelling mistakes.Like, seriously everyone makes mistakes, right?

But truth be told, I’m not like some super crazy ass( am i allowed so say that word?)  grammar nazi but i fuc*ing know my english, ok?I’m not a native speaker but I know it.

Do you really think I’m a person that does not know the difference between YOU’RE and YOUR?I fuc*ing know, ok?

But the problem with me is that i type like extremely fast, like crazy turtle ninja speed, i don’t even look at the screen when I’m writing something and this post like literally just took me 2 minutes but my point is : I type really fast and that’s a fact.A bad thing, bad bad.

Don’t do it.It’s sh*t.

And plus I am too lazy to actually read again what i just wrote so I won’t do it.

What is the point of this post you may ask?

I have no fuc*ing point, don’t you know me by now?It’s just…don’t be a grammar nazi, well not all the time anyways, it’s just…bad for you.Lolz.Kidd’.No it’s not.Do whatever you want.

Now I’m going to go.Hope you enjoyed this random post.

Do you have like incredible speed when typing something resulting in making small errors whn writign or not?( yes, the mistakes were on purpose jeez.)



Un gând despre &8222;Typing problem&8221;

  1. I also type fast and also make stupid mistakes. I can even type „eat” instead of „it”:D And I can write do when I should use does..and I know but I don’t always pay attention. I also don’t like to read my posts over and over searching for mistakes but I try to read them at least once:)

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