Arhivele lunare: iunie 2016

The black vortex called ANIME

This is a serious post, dedicated to serious people. As a socially inept person, I tend to watch a lot of different stuff online mainly in order to occupy my spare time which should be dedicated to my studies.

Recently, well not really, I discovered something new- ANIME. This is something I tell everybody when they ask my opinion whether to watch it or not, DO NOT, under no circumstances, watch anime. It will ruin your life. It is like an immense abyss of darkness and once you’re sucked into it, you can’t get out. I’m 100% serious.

If you think that this post is no problem for you as you’re not into googly eyes and perfect animated features, you’re wrong. I am a person that wasn’t really that curious about anime and I really thought it wasn’t my thing as I tend to watch a lot of badass harrowing tv shows like Sherlock or House of Cards, but once I got sucked into the vortex that anime is, there was no escape. And the problems just started. Anime is literally for everyone. There is an anime for every type of person on earth; there are dramatic animes that shock you through their episodes meant for people who like mentally scarring stuff, epic adventures intended for people who just enjoy detaching themselves from their boring lives, kawaii romances that are just too cute not to watch and even tremendously scary animes if you’re into all that gigantic monsters eating people or crazy schools for exorcisms.

And even sports. I am a person who literally dread every gym lesson I had to take while in school and I absolutely hated team sports, or any kind of sport really. What a bunch of students, friends and even my parents couldn’t do all my life, anime managed to make me develop an interest in team sports in only two weeks. Probably because of all that abs and crazy team relationships, but still.

It is just scary to think what my life has become really. I tell everybody this, Japan is the bomb(pun not intended). They aren’t just ahead of the game, they invented the game. There is a japanese slang ”otaku” that describes the so called ”fangirls”, ”moe” that translated to ”feels” when you think about your favourite OTP. these people are seriously perfect. And the thing is, there are no ugly characters- animes literally make them perfect in every way, this is called ”bishonen”.

So, my point is, I made this post in order to shine a light for the dark vortex that revolves around animes. If you have already been sucked into this impossible to escape vortex, then high five. Let me know if you plan to watch animes now, and if you do GOOD LUCK. If you are already addicted, then we can converse about different animes and please let me know if you liked this post and if you maybe want for me to make a list of recommendations.