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A bit strange

So I know I’ve been MIA for almost a year and I am sorry for that but I just didn’t find inspiration for writing anymore. I’m really stressed out atm because I’m about to finish my last year of high school and there is an exam I have to take which will ultimately determine my future so no big deal.

But the reason I am writing right now is to address something that I’ve been doing for my whole life that might be a bit weird. By now everyone knows I’m a bit psychotic and I think that this will pretty much make me truly insane. I have thoughts, like most people, but I do not just think of outcomes of different situation. Let me explain, I am a negativist for sure and my mind, when encountered with a difficult or different type of situation, it just goes into full imagination mode where I create a vivid image of what might happen. For example, yesterday I was walking with my friend to a vegan restaurant and there was this small alley, it was like 2 p.m. so it wasn’t dark or anything but my mind simple went into psycho mode and I imagined a scenario where my friend and myself are terribly murdered by a man with an ax in complete daylight. It was fair to say I was mortified for the rest of the ride and my friend probably thought I was insane.

This wasn’t the first time it happened but it is the most recent event I could think of. Also, when I was little, I had a friend that used to be my best buddy in kindergarden and we were hiking with our parents and we decided to go in the forest. It wasn’t anything scary, we didn’t got lost or anything . We simple stumbled onto a lake, a small one but it was pretty dark and muddy. And me and my friend just watched the lake in silence when he said : ‘do you have an immense urge to just jump?’ and I agreed because I was thinking the same. This is actually a real psychological behaviour. There is a french term called ‘ l’appel du vide’ which translated to ‘ the call of the void’ and it’s described as a storong urge to jump of high places. Obviously my experience didn’t involve high places but I did have the urge to just jump into the unknown. Probably where my fear of the ocean came from really.

Do you relate to any of those things? Please do or I’ll truly think I’m crazy. What experiences do you have that involve the hights? Tell me in the comments below. Take care!


Typing problem

I’m sorry.

It’s been like…6..7  maybe months?Yeah, that’s about right.I’m sorry.

Truth be told, i forgot my password but I’m back now.

So beside my endless amount of laziness, i’m back.But I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again, I have exams coming up,i hope i will soon anyways.

So, I’ve been thinking….what on earth should i post now? Like i seriously have no idea so I’ decided to look at some of my previous post to like get something hahaha.

And when I did that( bad idea) i realised I have a few spelling mistakes.Like, seriously everyone makes mistakes, right?

But truth be told, I’m not like some super crazy ass( am i allowed so say that word?)  grammar nazi but i fuc*ing know my english, ok?I’m not a native speaker but I know it.

Do you really think I’m a person that does not know the difference between YOU’RE and YOUR?I fuc*ing know, ok?

But the problem with me is that i type like extremely fast, like crazy turtle ninja speed, i don’t even look at the screen when I’m writing something and this post like literally just took me 2 minutes but my point is : I type really fast and that’s a fact.A bad thing, bad bad.

Don’t do it.It’s sh*t.

And plus I am too lazy to actually read again what i just wrote so I won’t do it.

What is the point of this post you may ask?

I have no fuc*ing point, don’t you know me by now?It’s just…don’t be a grammar nazi, well not all the time anyways, it’s just…bad for you.Lolz.Kidd’.No it’s not.Do whatever you want.

Now I’m going to go.Hope you enjoyed this random post.

Do you have like incredible speed when typing something resulting in making small errors whn writign or not?( yes, the mistakes were on purpose jeez.)


Am I the only one?

I’ve been seeing A LOT of ‘Am I the only one that does that?”videos and post so,why not?

I don’t actually have anything else…so bare with me?Maybe.Okay not.:(

1.Am I the only one that watches Mr.Bean when is feeling down?Like..I’m having a really bad day and I get home exhausted and sad and if I see Mr. Bean on TV or Online,my mood instantly changes?Right?Please tell me I’m not the only one…


I mean..seriously…this face is absolutelly priceless.How can you not laugh at this???Seriously…

2.Actually,I don’t do this on a daily basis but when I do it…let’s say it’s great:)).I sometimes sing…in the shower.Yeah yeah yeah,I know…a lot of people do this!I got it!Don’t rub it in my face…but let me tell you.I don’t just ”sing in the shower”,I f*cking rehearse for the X factor


3.I eat cereals…sometimes in a really unhealthy way.Like with a pile of sugar on it.Yeahh…


And usually I eat them around 12 pm or later in the night.I know,I know!Very unhealthy.

4.This is pretty random…but I do it.So,when you’re at a friends house and you say:’You should see this movie’.Obviously you’ve already seen it but you decide to watch it with your friend and end up staring at them from time to time(throughout all the movie)just to make sure your friend enjoys it.

5.Am I the only person that doesn’t know how to play chess?Like really,I don’t.And no matter how many times my friends and family tried to teach me..I still couldn’t understand this game.


6.Well…I have this weird thing that I do.When I’m trying to do something in the house like cleaning or cooking(this usually happens when I’m home alone) I open youtube and listen to CreepyPastas while doing the stuff that I need to do.Like,I play it in the background.I know this is weird because I usually tend to get really scared but I don’t know..I just like to listen to this stuff.

7.Speaking of scary things…I love watching horror movies.A few years back,I literally hated all scary related movies because they scared the s.hit out of me but I like them.But the thing is..I still get s.hit scared.OMG,I’m really the worst at this!But I still watch them…and eventually I don’t sleep for several night because of the traumatising experiences.


8.Another thing:I love being scared.Like I know this is weird and the majority of people actually dislike being scared but I love it.When someone tries to scare me,it’s very fun for me.The downfall…I don’t get scared easily so it’s a small chance to actually get me scared:(

9.I’m a Disney kid.Since I was little,I loved to watch disney movies and listen to those songs and all.I’m a disney freak,for short.I know a lot of songs and lines from disney movies.I have an entire playlist on my laptop dedicated to disney and this is another thing that I sometimes play in the background.Disney Songs!


The truth is…I do a lot of weird things and these are just a few of them…the more ”normal ones”.Anyways,I hope you enjoyed this post.Be sure to leave a like and comment below if you do this things and what other weird/interesting things you do.Byeee!

Why do we write?

Why do we write?What is the sole purpose of writing?

We write to tell a story,right?To express ourselves when we can’t talk.But also,as a person who definetelly prefers to say something on paper,I know that when we write,we tell a story-our story.Even though is sad,or funny…it is our own.It is something that is entirely ours to write,re-write,correct.

And it can be difficult sometimes.I mean it.You may have a bad day and you have a so-called ”writer’s block” and it sucks.But eventually,you get through that phase and it gets better.

Recently,I’ve been doing a lot of research on the internet about careeres and stuff because I sincerelly have no clue what I’m gonna do with my life and yeah,somewhere between reading about the common psychopats and finding a suitable job…I found the common tests that can determine what you’re good for.

Don’t get me wrong,I don’t think this tests are accurate because I know I am the only one that can say what I can and can’t do but I said I should give it a try.

You know what I got?A writer.

I don’t know what to say about that…I mean,yeah I like to write and express myself through words but I don’t consider myself to be a writer.I just don’t.

Nevertheless…I do love to write so there is an issue here.

Maybe I can be a writer?!I don’t know.I really don’t.

It’s hard to say this but I am a person that tends to dwell on the past…and I know that some writers of the best writers have done that but I don’t think it’s neccessarily  a good thing.On the contrary,it is kinda bad.You should never live in the past because then…there can be no present or future.You’re just stuck.Stuck in an infinite of bad memories that are constantly there,in your head.

I don’t know really what this post is about,I just had the urge to write smething.I don’t knos.I’m gonna go now.Bye!


Mumble-I do it

Yeahh…so,through-out the relationship I think I have with my readers,that means you,I can pretty much tell you anything,right?

So,this is probably another case in which I tell you something incredibelly dumb or awkward that I do on a daily basis ,in the hope that you can relate and don’t consider I should visit a mental instituyion.

A couple of months ago…I think at the beginning of this blog,I made a post called :50 facts about me and one of the particular things that a specifically said in that post was the fact that I MUMBLE.A lot.Like really…big time.

No joke.

So  probably by now you’re wondering what the crap am I talking about.I’m talking about a list of reasons that I’m a terrible human being.In that specific post I talked about random things such as beauty and stuff but I also said some pretty bad things I do,such as Tapping.Yeah,I’m one of those people,I tap.

But this post is in no way about tapping,seriously…even though I could talk about that for ages,not in this post.Of course,if you want to know about that too,leave a comment and say it and I’ll try to do it for you.

Moving on,this post is about mumbling.

So,usually it is very random and if you probably are my friend,you got used to it even though it probably drives you insane.But..if you don’t know me and you’re like..trying to start a conversation with me and I accidentally can make my tongue to function properly…you probably would think I’m retarded.

You know those times when you don’t understand what a person tells you when you’re having a conversation and you make them repet it to you an if you don’t understand it and everything is awkward?Yeahh…try to put yourself in the shoes of the person who was said to repet what she/he was saying 2-3 times.It’s awkward.Yeah,I’m one of those people and let me tell you how bad I feel about it.

It’s like my body id trolling me constantly and decides to make fun of me by making me not be able to speak properly.

I hate my body.


To tell you,public places,any kind really,are my nemesis because if I mumble,I say something extremelly low or not understandable.






It’s annoying.But what’s there to do?Nothing.I gotta live with it so even though my grandmother probbaly f*cking hates me for mumbling,I can’t do shit.

Do you struggle with something like this?Do you relate?Please leave me your comments.

Love you lots,byeeee!

Thank you!

I’ve been on WordPress for 1 year!One frecking year!That’s much…for me(maybe because I’m useless at keeping on doing stuff).
I don’t know how to feel.I’m thankful to all of you for liking and following me and stuff.
It makes my heart race to know that some people actually like and relate to my stuff.
In the near future,I promise I’ll try and write more.I have a very busy schedule this summer but I promise,with every chance I get,I’ll try to write.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading the things I do.I don’t know if they make you laugh or cry but I know that there is something there because if not,you wouldn’t read.

Thank you again for everything!I love you all>:D<!
*Internet hug*

Lols.Yeah,I’m lol-ing right now.Wanna know why?

Nevertheless,even if you do not want to know,I’m gonna tell you.

I came to realise,ONLY TODAY,how much of an awkward person I am.Not necessarily in a good or bad way,just somewhere in between(actually in a bad way but I don’t really want you to change your perspective of how you see me,as in actually see me in a normal kind of way-which obviously I’m not).

As a f*cking awkward person that I am I tend to do a lot of stupid things…sometimes I get away with it,but sometimes the inevitable produces and someone sees me which eventually end in that person being really creeped out…

The other day for exemple I was walking on the street with a group of friends and ypu know those times when you are walking in a way and someone in front of you comes right at you because they’re going on the same street?I hope you got what I’m mean…anyways,I was actually in the back of the group looking at my feet while walking,a friend next to me.So when the group started to walk a little bit on the left,to give space to that person,I found myself the only one going straight forward.We collided-me and the strangers and of course,when I wanted to go we colided again.At this point,a normal person would just laugh and move away but there was me.The awkward person that I am,with my stupid mouth.I looked at the dude(it was a dude yeah) and said:Sorry,I’m f*cking retarded,don’t mind me’and made a goofy face.FACEPALM!


My friends laughed while the dude was f*cking creeped out and looked horirfied and then I put a smile on my face and walked away like nothing had happened.

Another horrible experience was when I was with one of my friends,on spring break in another city.I’ll call my friend C. even though that is not her initial or that sort.Anyways,we were kinda in a hurry because we had a train at 3 o’clock pm to go back home since we were in the city like from 7 am and it was already 2 pm and it was like a 30 minutes drive till the train station.My friend made me go into a supermarket just for her to buy a bottle of Pepsi and some snack.I already ate so I was not hungry at all.While we were at a cue,waiting for her to pay I decided it was a good idea to look around.Obviously,the condoms were there to,as in there were exactly in front of me.I looked at the price just because they were cheeper-9 lei(romanian monede) while in the city where I live they were 12 lei.So inspired me,I got down to C to whisper her about this and said:Look,here the condoms are just 9…

And she made a shocked face as everyone from the line looked at us.Apparently,I did not whisper her anything,and everyone could hear what I was rambling about.

One of teh guys in the line started to laugh and said:Good,that’s good.

I was like,tomato red and also amused by my stupidity.After C payed we started to laugh,because being in a cue stopped us from bursting into fits of laughter.Until we got home we laughed about this and eventually we came to the conclusion that I am a stupid human being for doing that.It wasn’t intentionally,it was just random and in my defence I THOUGHT I WAS WHISPERING!

So these are 2 of my awkward moment.I hope you are not to creeped out about me,but I’m guessing you’re not since you are still reading my stuff.If I made you laugh in any way or did good to you,leave me a comment or something about your awkward moments just to make me feel better for being how I am.



Exam season


I’m exhausted,like really exhausted. It’s that time of the semester again when I have to take some horrible exams that make my life a living hell. Tomorrow is one of those days-Latin.Oh God,why?! Imagine   I don’t know what it’s worst,the fact that I’m looking like a living zombie or the fact that…,oh well,who am I kidding?There’s nothing worst than looking like a zombie.I’m done,done for real:)). Let’s try and reflect a bit about this time: First,there are two possibilities.One that the teacher will we organised and give us grades and test throughout the whole year and when you are facing with the final exam you’ll know almost everything;or the other one which I’m almost 100% sure that it’s actually the real one…we do nothing/almost nothing the whole year and in the last few weeks everyone is going insane to give us grades and blah blah blah… Why the hell go to school if you do not do anything?They can just call us on the final exam,in my opinion if they do nothing. There are also,some people that just want to watch the world burn!Like for real…I know some specimens that are completely and utterly stupid,sorry but it’s the truth.Don’t think you’re smart just because you learn something by heart,just don’t.I hate braggers.Stop it unless you want to get hit the the face! And lastly,there’s the feeling you get when you get through with it.Ahhh,so good.The feeling of relief washing throw your whole body.And eventually there’s the after-math. You think you did good,but honey let me tell you something.It’s called highschool,you should not do good and you won’t.Get real. How I feel when I see my grade: Imagine I’m out,I’ll go and murder someone!Kidding,I should learn…Neahhhh,I’m gonna take a nap:D BYEE!


Hello everybody,

I don’t have to go to school for a whole week.YEEEY!

Anyway,this can only mean 3 things:

1.I don’t have to do anything

2.I can sit all day and enjoy it.Meanwhile others have to strugle to actually do something.

3.I can sit around and do more posts for you.

Well,don’t judge me.At least there’s one good thing in there.

And you know what break means,right?I chance to do nothing without being yelled out for not doing anything.Obviously,I have stuff to do,like homework and all.At this stage,my level 1000 of procrastination kicks in(Upssss).

Some of you may be in the same situation,yeah you think you’re pretty procrastinating?As you  may know(or not) I wrote the book about procrastination.


Enjoy my obviously,not great editing skills.

There are some things that I do when trying to get something done properly…

First,I try to stay in bed as much as I can.I even try to give my alarm ”inspirational” mini-quotes to  wake up,but I guess some things can’t be changed.


Then,of course it’s time for food.Now,in this point I always tell myself to eat healthy like fruit or eggs.But in the end,I always go back to cereals:D.

Now it is time ‘to study’.I open my book and I realise I’m still hungry,of course I have to get back to the kitchen and make some toast and drink a glass of OJ.And milk.There’s no milk?I must go to the shop and buy some.

Then,I somehow end up with the book in my hand again…but I really have to go and take a shower.After 3 hours of meditation by the shower,my brain is telling me that I really need to study.But I’m hungry again.Better make some food.

Then,I realise my room is dirty.Better clean it.After my clothes are all in the cupboard I gotta drink some water,just to keep me hydrated.

At this point,I’ll probably see my laptop and I can’t start studying until I change my Tumblr theme slightly,and until I see most of the new post.After that,I somehow end up with my phone in my hands playing Candy Crush.Also,as I am such a wonderful grandchild,I call my grandmas and chat a bit,just to keep me busy.

Then,I get my snack and I see it:


A wonky pictureee!This is not good.

Obviously I try as hard as I can not to study,and I usually succeed.Thank God for my visual memory.If it weren’t so good,I would probably be in a dumpster by now.

At the end of the day I look like this:


Do you relate with this?If yes,leave me your comments.As I said before,this post is in no way helpful towards you.This is exactly what you shouldn’t do if you want to be productive.Byye!

What to do when boredom hits you like a sack of potatoes

‘Hey Corey,why don’t you make a new post?!!’

‘Yeahh,suureeee.’But seriously now…

Hi guys,How are you?

It’s winter break…well,at least for me is.I always enjoy doing nothing,even if it’s just for one week.Time for sleep,I’m first around.

But one problem I always seem to have is dying…of boredom,of course.As I encountered this problem a lot lately I decided to come up with a list of things you can do when your bored:

1.EAT!Best thing ever…but there is always the posibility of having no food because you’ve already eaten it,not to worry.

2.When you’re tired,sleep.Then,when you are tired of sleeping repeat this process if that makes sense?!

3.Read,always a good idea.Eventually you’ll get tired and you will…guess what?sleep more.

4.Browse the internet.

5.If you have no food,make some, like a cake or something(be safe,we don’t want any kitchens on fire,don’t we?)

6.Do something interractive like painting your walls,drawing etc.

7.It’s always good to go on a walk…well maybe not all the time,especially when it rains.UUps!

8.Play games like ‘The floor is lava’ or Twister.

9.Socialize(talking with your teddy bear doesn’t count)

10.Do something totally unexpected that will change your life,like making a youtube or a blog.

11.Eat more until you’re full.

12.Talking with friends(if you have any-an alternative option is having a sleep-over with your stuffed animals)

13.Take selfies-boredom level100000

14.Reenact Vines,it’s a good idea but it would probably make you look stupid so..don’t do it.

15.Watch a movie/video

16.Go in a corner,try not to cry,cry a lot.

17.Body role away from your responsibilities.

18.Go outside and do some exercises(Who am I kidding?!You’re not gonna do that,I wouldn’t)

19.Take a bath in your own filthiness.

20.And finally if you’re done with scrolling on Tumblr ,reading all Harry Potter books and watching stupid things online there is just one thing you can do-screw everybody and SLEEP!


Hope this was helpfull(not really).Byeee!